In last 15 years as a dedicated researcher in the area of entrepreneurship, I have played several roles in promoting entrepreneurship both as an academic study and business practice. Apart from being an Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship Consultant I have introduced several innovations in the area of Entrepreneurship. 

i)Chief Coordinator of ED cell (Entrepreneurship Development Cell),

ii)Entrepreneurship Trainer, as an author (Books and research articles),

iii)Course developer for MSME, GoI

iv) Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 

v) Mentoring many successful enterprises

 As a Researcher: As a researcher in Entrepreneurship I completed my PhD on the topic “Role, organization and problems of small scale unites in the north-coastal Andhra Pradesh” from Nagpur University in 1999. I am currently working on a scale to develop entrepreneurship intelligence which will be known as Entrepreneurship Quotient (EQ).

 As a PhD Supervisor:  I am currently guiding three PhD students in the area of entrepreneurship development, Entrepreneurial eco-system, University level entrepreneurial education in India etc.

 Teaching and Training: I have taught different papers in Entrepreneurship which includes Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, Entrepreneurial Finance, Green Entrepreneurship, IPRs and International Business for MBA/M.Com/BBA students for the last 23 years.  I have also been invited as a Visiting Professor to teach Law & Entrepreneurship for the LLB students of the prestigious National Law University Odisha (NLUO), Cuttack.

Association with MSME: Besides I was associated with the with MSME development Institute, Ministry of MSME, GoI for course preparation, giving training to many budding entrepreneurs in different areas of Entrepreneurship.   So far through MSME I have trained around 2000 students/working women/unemployed youth in different parts of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha ( a detailed list of programs  are enclosed in Annexure-1).  

 Publications: I have published three books and 22 articles including book chapters in the area of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance in various international journals (the list of publications is enclosed).  I have presented papers in various national and international seminars including in countries Malaysia, Japan, Turkey, Singapore, Sri Lanka and also at prestigious platforms like IIM-Ahmedabad and IIT Delhi.  I have been an invited advisory board member of the Editorial team of Startup Unfold Journal.

 Chief Coordinator, ED Cell: As the Chief Coordinator for Entrepreneurship Development Cell, I have organized several programmes in association/partnership/collaboration with various agencies like EDI Ahmedabad, NPTL, Ministry of HRD, GOI, E-Cell of IIT-Kharagpur, Dept. of Science & Technology, APITCO, DIC, SISI ALEAP, CII and National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN). I also have been the Coordinator, Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) of India‘s Open Learning Programme in Entrepreneurship course. Also working as Chief Coordinator AICTE sponsored Center for Entrepreneurship Development

 Innovation Centre: Started SRINNOVATION Centre at Sri Sri University as an incubator for start-ups.  Through this centre I have nurtured some good start-ups.   Some of the start-ups where supported by the NAASCOM 10000 start-ups.   I am happy being a mentor and 14 students have already launched their start-ups. (PUT SRINOVATION LINK)

As an Entrepreneur: As a promoter director I started an agro-based industry in SME sector in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh in 1996 and it is successfully running now.

Innovations in Entrepreneurship: I organized a five day workshop on new design thinking and disruptive innovation for the Entrepreneurship students with an alumnus of Singapore Management University (SMU).


Research Guidance in Entrepreneurship

  • Krishnesh Nayak – Study on Entrepreneurial Motives, Barriers and Intentions of the Millennial : A Comparative study of Gujarat and Odisha.
  • Anubhav Patnaik A study on opportunities and challenges in Start-Up Enterprises in Odisha
  • Somnath Dutta “Innovation strategy and performances of emerging economy firms – An empirical study of Indian Manufacturing Industry