Teaching activities/projects: 

My method of teaching is helping students from idea generation to idea implementation. To make this possible I organised several workshops with various agencies, experts, nodal agencies within the country and outside the world.   In that last five years 23 successful ventures have been started (both in manufacturing and servicing sectors) in Vignan University & Sri Sri University.  

Example: One of the recent projects “Limitless”(Autodidact Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd) by my MBA students Mr.Bastav & Mr. Chandra Mouli has been selected as one of the top 200 start-ups of NASSCOM and received Rs.30 lakhs as seed fund.

  • As a part of making teaching and training more practical and encourage students to be entrepreneurs, I established Entrepreneurship Development cells in three institutions (where I have worked in the recent past) and I also started “Srinnovation”( acenter for innovation and incubation) centre in Sri Sri University.   

  • To update the students and to provide the updates knowledge in the area of Entrepreneurship and Innovation I have signed MoUs with National Entrepreneurship Network(NEN), Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), GoI (for Social Entrepreneurship & CSR), and organised workshops on disruptive innovation and New Design Thinking Workshop by an alumni of Singapore Management University.

  • I have focused on five major aspects of learning and practice, those are like: Project Based Learning, Interactive Learning with best practice, Mentoring and networking, Idea Incubation and Support in personal branding and fund raising. The five aspects mentioned above constitute my approach to innovative learning in entrepreneurship

  • International Assignment: Visited China under India China Academic Exchange Programme to do research in China on the topic “FDI Approach – INDIA ANDCHINA A COMPARATIVE ANALSYSIS” which was jointly funded by MHRD, GOI & China Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China in 2013

  • Student feedback on my teaching subjects in the papers of Entrepreneurship Finance, Green Opportunities in Entrepreneurship and Legal Aspects of Business is 8.5 to 9.25 out of a 10 point scale. 

  • I have received Best Teacher Award for the years 2009-2013 from JNTU, Kakinada. 

  • Trained and Developed young entrepreneurs in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.  Published and edited 28 books and 120 articles.